Centre for Advanced Measurement Research & Health Translation Centre governance

Collaborations between universities, industry partners and start-ups are achieved through active engagement of all stakeholders and their extended partner networks. In order to strengthen and leverage all the centre’s activities, two governance committees have been established.

Steering committee

The steering committee sets the centre’s ambition, approves all budgets and evaluates progress. Current members include:

  • Sir Jim McDonald (Strathclyde)
  • Julian Braybrook (NML@LGC)
  • Graham Wren (Strathclyde)
  • Iain Stewart (Strathclyde)
  • Harry Barraza (NML@LGC)
  • Duncan Graham (Strathclyde)
  • Derek Craston (NML@LGC)

Operational committee

The operational committee sets common scientific goals, elaborates a work plan, appoints scientists, writes scientific papers, manages the operational budget and co-ordinates all grant submissions. Current members include:

  • Rob Martin (Strathclyde)
  • Karen Faulds (Strathclyde)
  • Heidi Goenaga-Infante (NML@LGC)
  • Milena Quaglia (NML@LGC)
  • Chair Measurements for Digital Health (Strathclyde) – subsequent to position appointment
  • Professor Patricia Connolly (Strathclyde)

Sub-committee commercial:

  • Neil Guthrie (Strathclyde)
  • John Liggat (Strathclyde)

For more information please contact the Centre Agreement Contacts:

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