Centre for Advanced Measurement Research & Health Translation Measurement & training services

Accurate measurements underpin product safety and quality and ensure consumer confidence. These measurements can often be challenging due to the intricate nature of the sample matrix or particular analyte properties, such as ultra-low concentrations or chemical form. We offer highly specialised analytical services to large companies and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Scotland – ranging from routine tests to complex methods development.

For this, we are supported by the expertise and capabilities from both the National Measurement Laboratory and the University of Strathclyde Chemistry Clinic programme, as well as other university laboratories campus wide.

Our service offer includes:

  • creation of new analytical techniques/measurement research (applied analytical and capability development)
  • reference measurements (ISO17025 testing and calibration)
  • data analytics (design and interpretation)
  • hands-on training & consultancy
  • access to our exceptional facilities, expert advice and talented student cohort
  • wide range of analytical platforms to solve the most challenging measurement challenges
  • data-driven analytical technology supporting manufacturing

Our customers include:

  • government, medical, pharma, food, consumer products, industry, academia and reference material producers
  • SMEs, start-ups
  • international FMCG and pharma clients

Training & consultancy

Drawing on the expertise as the UK’s National Measurement Laboratory, the centre provides training and consultancy to help laboratories in Scotland ensure the reliability of their results and meet accreditation and regulatory requirements.

Expertise and experience in NML at LGC, which spans over 20 years, include but are not limited to:

  • delivering analytical quality training programmes worldwide
  • developing and validating analytical methods in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 
  • production of reference materials in accordance with ISO 17034
  • providing laboratory-based technical training and consultancy services in chemical and bio-analysis and reference material production

Together, with the University of Strathclyde, we can connect you to a vast talent pool of local students, doctoral and postdoctoral fellows that can benefit your innovation project through rigorous research and applying the most impactful research outcomes to attain your product development deliverables. In addition, the centre can be a gateway for access to the University’s graduate and degree apprenticeship programme and other tailored training courses – conducted externally or on-site – for your employees.

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