Centre for Advanced Measurement Research & Health Translation About us

A key aspect of our mission is for the Centre for Advanced Measurement Research & Health Translation to be the leading specialist in measurements for digital health, for the UK and globally, with immediate benefits for public health. This is in alignment with Scotland’s aims for health and social care.

The centre integrates the unique expertise from both the University and the NML@LGC in applied measurement research - for instance, the combined complementary academic and measurement research leadership in optical spectroscopy and elemental mass spectrometry, respectively, for cell and tissue imaging for health and life sciences.

Through scientists and specialists in the field of measurement and life sciences, with command of their domain specifically in novel diagnostics and therapeutics development, state-of-the-art cell imaging technologies and reference compound bio-synthesis, the Centre can offer bespoke analytical measurement solutions, aiming to ensure Scottish, and UK industry realise the value of measurement science and utilise this knowledge to increase productivity.

Delivering on mission critical objectives and engagement with industries for the centre will be by a team comprising of a Chair in Health Measurement, a Technical Development Fellow, two co-funded doctoral students and a postdoctoral fellow.

A critical sector of interest is the food and beverage industry in Scotland. We strongly seek, encourage and support close collaboration with large companies as well as start-ups/entrepreneurs with a need for measurement solutions in their product development journey.

Our collaborative nature in working with key players in government and industry for the betterment of Scottish health and well-being was also echoed by important figures in these sectors: 

Speaking at our launch in December 2019, Joe FitzPatrick, former Minister for Public Health, Sport & Wellbeing, said:

There are fantastic collaborations that we see in Scotland between academia, industry and our NHS – all working together."  

Delegates at launch of Centre for Advanced Measurement Research & Health Translations, University of Strathclyde

Professor Norval Strachan, formerly from Food Standards Scotland states:

[t]his new centre has a great opportunity of developing analytical techniques that can help organisations like Food Standards Scotland, but also the food industry, in general, in terms of developing methods for the detection of chemical contaminants, allergens and pathogens."

Through partnering with our high-calibre scientists and technicians already working at the boundaries of advanced measurement research, we are confident industrial partners working with us will produce breakthrough innovations. We have already taken the first steps in achieving this. Take a look our current project descriptions.