Francesca Farrell


I am currently a 3rd year EngD student with the CDT in Medical Devices and Health Technologies. I completed my undergraduate Master’s degree in Chemistry in 2015 and knew I wanted to continue in research but in a field more suited to applications than pure chemistry. That was why the EngD was the perfect choice for me; I was able to gain knowledge in biomedical engineering and related fields through the 9 month taught programme. I then had the opportunity to choose from a wide range of research projects supported by great supervisors.

My project involves the designing of a wearable LED based device for phototherapy; I work with supervisors in the Institute of Photonics, Fraunhofer UK and Biomedical Engineering, this interdisciplinary approach allows me to utilise the most current and applicable techniques for my research. I also have two consulting dermatologists; they provide a much-needed clinical viewpoint and ensure my project work remains relevant.

I received training with my cohort aimed at understanding the processes medical devices undergo including ethical approval, clinical trials and regulatory procedures. This knowledge is invaluable for my research project and for any potential future projects in the healthcare industry because being aware of the entire device development ensures my research is efficient and applicable.

The CDT holds networking events throughout the year brining all the students, academic staff and clinicians together to discuss research progress and clinical requirements. These events allow me to discuss my research with a variety of people, allowing me to look at my project from different angles and ultimately helping to progress it in a way that would not be possible on my own.