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The project websites listed here have been constructed by students attending our MSc in Sustainable Engineering: Renewable Energy Systems and the Environment course, and, since 2009-10, the MSc in Sustainable Engineering: Offshore Renewable Energy course. Each project is pursued under the supervision of a course tutor with the final submission carefully checked before release. However, given the volume and complexity of the material presented, occasional errors or omissions may occur. 

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Community Scale Generation & Management of Power at the Isle of Cumbrae
Energy Efficiency in Buildings
Integration of EVs with Existing Distributed Energy Resources in Findhorn Ecovillage
Energy Future of Gigha
HAPI Project
Electric Vehicle Paradigm Shift
West Whitlawburn: District Heating Modeling and Thermal Investigation
Wind Energy Storage And Conversion Potential
Investigation of the potential of a combined offshore wind & wave system with liquid hydrogen storage.
Vision H2: A futuristic assessment of a solar-hydrogen storage system for district electricity


SENS: Solutions for Energy Storage
4th Generation District Energy Network Development
A Methodology to Design Sustainable Renewable Energy Systems for Off-grid Developing Communities
Coastal Renewable Energy
Large Scale Residential Retrofit Modelling for Scotland
Hybrid Offshore Wind and Tidal
Sustainable Electrical Model for Scotland 2032


BRE Innovation Park Visitor Centre: Energy Modelling and Efficiency Strategies for a Zero Energy Building
Optimising the Installation Phase of Wind Turbines in Deep Water
Modular Hydrogen Peak Power Plant
Industrial Energy Autonomy: the Role of Biomass
The Thermal Energy Challenge: Sustainable Heating on the Isle of Eigg
UK Grid 2050: Low Carbon Study
Strategy for Carbon Emissions Reduction in Inner City Campuses
The TETHYS Concept


Improvement of Large-scale Industrial Autonomy by Implementing Energy Storage Technologies
Tidal Barrage as an Application for Flood Defence on the Isle of Whithorn - a Feasibility Study
Optimisation of Integrated Biomass - Solar Thermal District Heating Schemes
The Practicality and Challenges of Using XL Monopiles for Offshore Wind Turbine Substructures
Feasibility and Impact Evaluation of Dynamic Façades
Technical and Economic Analysis for Far Offshore Wind Farm Accommodation
Assessing the Feasibility of Integrated PV and Wind Farms
Analysis of Cost Reduction Opportunities for the Wave Energy Industry
District Heating Solutions: Conventional vs Non-Conventional in the Smart Grid Era


Biomass District Heating Feasibility Analysis
Scoping Future Integrated Energy Systems for Findhorn Eco-Community
Improvement of Onsite Autonomy with a Mix of Renewable Power Generation
Jacket Substructures for Offshore Wind Turbines and Pre-piled Grouted Connections
Offshore Deep Water Substation Feasibility Study
Methodology for a Decision Support Tool for a Tidal Stream Device
The Impact of Sustainable Communities on the Low Voltage Distribution Network


A Feasibility Study for CCHP in the Hospitality Sector
Orchestration of Demand and Renewable Supply
Domestic Biomass Heating Systems: Feasibility of Flue Gas Energy Recovery
Dynamic performance of PEM Fuel Cell
Towards Smart Cities: Energy Mapping to Identify Opportunities for Future Networks
Tidal Stream Energy: Towards Reliability
The Impact of Waves on Tidal Turbines


More: Flexible Moorings for Marine Turbines
Balance of Plant for Wind Projects
RESCO Site Analysis
District Heating from Wind: Kirkwall
Zero Carbon Homes and Electric Vehicle Integration
Energy Performance Analysis
The Future of Small Scale Renewables


Viability of tidal energy within a future RE-based UK electricity supply infrastructure
Renewable energy supply for rural telecommunication stations
Energy from whisky co-products
Assessment of CO2 air source heat pumps
Schools of the future
Feasibility of a zero-carbon autonomous holiday community


Small scale hydro:novel approaches to generation and transmission
Marine current turbine rotor assessment
Small scale renewables in rural locations
Data centres and renewable energy
Post occupancy evaluation for sustainability
Towards a net zero carbon community
Hybrid energy systems in future low carbon buildings
Upgrading strategies for hospitals


Wind resource: using hydrogen buffering
Uncertainty in wind energy yield predictions
Sustainable Glasgow feasibility study: an investigation into CHP deployment in Glasgow


Biomass installation feasibility tool
Wind turbine failure analysis
Energy and resource analysis and planning for hotels
Impact of home entertainment equipment on building energy performance


Carbon neutral community


Construction village energy performance
Small scale hydro
Wind resource prediction
Marine renewables


Tidal stream power
Urban wind power
Demand side management


Energy effective estates
Rural waste-to-energy
Wind power penetration
Marine power
Hydrogen economy


Zero emission buildings
Hydrogen economy
Carbon sequestration
Ocean thermal energy conversion


Heat pumps in an urban environment
Green islands
Renewable energy information system
Sustainable building design
Transmission of renewable energy

Internet energy services
Simulation management


Energy services on the Internet
Fuel cells
Hybrid on/off-shore wind farms
Small scale renewable energy


Biofuels and fuel cells
Hybrid photovoltaic/fuel cell system
Urban sustainability
Wave power


Energy management for a sustainable world
Environmentally conscious energy supply for buildings
Grid connected photovoltaics
Offshore renewable energy centre


Sizing of combined heat and power systems
Energy from sewage sludge
Transmission of renewable energy


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