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Research data management & sharingData management plans

A Data Management Plan (DMP) is a written document which describes the data that will be collected or generated during a research project, and sets out a detailed plan for how the data will be managed throughout the project and what will happen to it after the project completes.

The plan will include information about formats, volume, documentation, storage, sharing, and destruction of data.

A DMP should be a useful document which helps researchers understand how best to ensure data is findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable throughout, and beyond, the project lifecycle.

Funder data management plans

Researchers creating a DMP that needs to be submitted to a funder, as part of a grant application or for a Horizon 2020 submission, should use the appropriate funder template. Each funder often has a unique template, use the guidance below to ensure your DMP meets funder expectations:

Researchers can send draft plans to us for review before submitting to a funder. Anyone looking for advice related to another funder, please contact us.

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Data Management Plan Template

Use this template to create a Data Management Plan. The template is suitable for a range of projects including EPSRC or industry funded research, and student research projects.

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Data management plan inbox

To ensure a Data management plan follows recommended practice and complies with relevant policies, researchers should draft a Data management plan and then upload it to our Data management plan inbox, where a Research Support Officer will review it and contact the researcher with feedback.

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DMPonline is an web-based tool which allows users to create data management plans using customised templates and guidance from selected funders and institutions. Researchers can employ a number of features in DMPonline to create, edit and share their data management plans with colleagues as well as with us for review.