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Marine Policy special issue

A special issue of the international peer-reviewed journal Marine Policy on "SDG Synergies for Sustainable Fisheries and Poverty Alleviation" was published online in 2017 and in print in 2019. The special issue aims to offer a multi-disciplinary, critical and multi-scale analysis of fisheries governance as part of the overarching sustainable development agenda (from local to regional and global levels) carried out by different specialists (academics and practitioners) in international fisheries law and policy, management, science and economics. On the one hand, the special issue will explore the different tenets of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 14 through the concepts of ecosystem services and poverty alleviation as elements of the ecosystem approach to fisheries. On the other hand, the special issue will systematically discuss the interactions and tensions between the various tenets of SDG 14 and the other SDGs.

Blog posts

While we work on these outputs, we aim to share preliminary findings of our research, at earlier stages of the project, as blog posts, with a view to obtaining feedback from a broad range of stakeholders.

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