Tenure governance and the Sustainable Development Goals: leaving no-one behind the land and fisheries sectors?

BeneLex organises event at the Committee on Food Security

In October 2016, BeneLex will organise a side-event at the Committee on Food Security (FAO Headquarters, Rome, 17-21 October 2016) titled "Tenure Governance and the Sustainable Development Goals: Leaving no-one behind in the land and fisheries sectors?".

The event

The event will be organised in collaboration with the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) and the FAO Legal Office. It will explore legal and policy tools aiming to inject fairness and equity in tenure governance and sustainable development.

The BeneLex team

The BeneLex team will highlight research on lessons and challenges arising from the application of the concept of fair and equitable benefit-sharing in the land, food, agriculture and fisheries sectors; and explore the ‘leave no-one behind’ concept, on the basis of case studies from the fisheries sector.