SCELG PhD Researcher Chitzi Ogbumgbada hosts webinar on renewable energy development in Africa

Mar 2021 — On 17 March, SCELG PhD Researcher Chitzi Ogbumgbada moderated for the African Natural Resources and Energy Law Network (ANRELN) a webinar event on the challenges and opportunities confronting renewable energy development in Africa. The event featured presentations from two international energy law experts – Dr Peter Oniemola, a law lecturer at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria; and Dr Tedd Moya Mose, an Oxford Martin Fellow at the Oxford University Martin Programme on Integrating Renewable Energy.


Chitzi is one of the founding members of ANRELN and serves as the group’s Administrative Secretary. ANRELN, a group that is composed of African law academics and PhDs, has the principal objective of advising governments, industry, and relevant stakeholders on how best to tackle the legal problems created by energy access and resource governance issues on the African continent. 

Webinar events on topical energy issues are a part of the group’s work programme.