Latest PhD Successes

The SCELG community is delighted to share its latest PhD successes: 

Dr Kathryn McKenzie has now received the approval to her PhD (Due Diligence as a Bridge between the Law of the Sea and Domestic Climate Change Litigation), which she defended on 1 November last year. 

On 27 January, Dr Willem Odendaal defended his thesis (“We are beggars on our own land…” An analysis of Tsumib v Government of the Republic of Namibia and its implications for ancestral land claims in Namibia). He passed his viva without corrections. This marks the third PhD in SCELG that has passed the viva with no corrections in this term, after the successes of the theses defended by Dr Mika Schröder (‘Sometimes Reality Enters the Room’: Spatial In/justice & the Invisibilisation of Local Actors within International Biodiversity Negotiations, 15 August 2022) and Dr Miranda Geelhoed (Agroecology and EU Law. Finding potential for agroecology at the nexus between biodiversity law and human rights law, 1 September 2022). 

We regard these developments as extraordinary news for the SCELG community, which reflect very positively on our exceptional PhD community and our vibrant research environment. Congratulations to our new PhDs and to all supervisors involved. 

Well done everyone!