Book on Oil Pollution and Environmental Justice published by former SCELG PhD Researcher

Former SCELG PhD Researcher, Eloamaka Okonkwo, has just published her book on oil pollution and environmental justice as part of Taylor and Francis Publishers’ prestigious collection on Routledge Explorations in Environmental Studies Eloamaka’s book is based on her doctoral thesis, which she carried out under the supervision of Prof Mark Poustie and Dr Stephanie Switzer and completed in 2018. Her PhD committee included leading experts Prof. David Ong and Dr Antonio Cardesa-Salzmann.

Eloamaka’s book is unique, exploring the relationship between oil pollution laws and environmental justice. Her work not only examines the fluidity of oil pollutions laws, but also how effective, or ineffective, enforcement can be viewed through the lens of environmental justice comparing and contrasting the United States and Nigeria with reference to other developing countries fills obvious gap in the literature. Utilising environmental justice framework, the book demonstrates the synergy between policy-making, human rights, and justice in oil producing regions as well as addressing the importance of protecting the rights of minorities. This book will be of great interest to students and scholars of environmental law, environmental justice, business and human rights, policy-makers, NGOs and natural resource governance.

Commenting on Eloamaka’s achievement, her PhD supervisor Dr Stephanie Switzer, remarked that, ‘This is a very significant text and is the result of a huge amount of work on Eloamaka’s part. All of us at SCELG are over the moon to see Eloamaka’s hard work pay off. I am sure this book will become a reference text for both scholars and practitioners alike.’

PhD programme at SCELG

Eloamaka was a PhD Researcher at SCELG where she worked closely with members of staff on human rights and environment, environmental justice, climate change, taught undergraduate and post graduate students and was part of what continues to be a vibrant PhD community. Eloamaka continues to be an active part of the SCELG community.