Strathclyde Centre Environmental Law GovernanceOne Ocean Hub Completes Inception Phase

One Ocean Hub has completed its 3 month inception phase with 3 regional workshops in South Africa, Ghana and Fiji.

These workshops were incredibly valuable in developing the Hub’s modes of working with partners in region, clarifying expectations, strengthening networks, and in further shaping the collaborative approach on the basis of which the Hub will operate.

Following the international workshops, a final workshop was held in Glasgow to bring together all the Hub’s UK Co-Is, to share the learning and experiences of the inception workshops and discuss in detail the plans and methodologies for co-development of research to be undertaken under the Hub.  This workshop was followed by 4 days in discussion on the Hubs innovative Knowledge Mapping approaches, led by SCELG associates Pierre Mazzega and Claire Lajaunie as well as novel methods for inclusive monitoring and evaluation led by Strathclyde Business School.

Inception Meeting in South Africa

Future Plans

Now into the full Hub phase, Work Package 0 (WP0) is underway. WP0 aims to ground truth the collaborative research undertaken in the hub to meaningfully respond to the needs of each region. Focussing initially in South Africa and Ghana, WP0 will undertake ethnography, legal analysis, historic scientific and economic data gap analysis and knowledge mapping to support the planning of the first phase of research activities and deliverables. WP0 research will be shared and reflected upon throughout the process through Living Aulas: a novel Transgressive Learning  Methodology for co-designing large research networks and programs across countries and across disciplines. WP0 will hold 3 cross-Hub online Living Aulas, leading to an in person Living Aula in Cape Town in July, where all Hub Co-Is will come together to reflect upon WP0 research and undertake in-depth research planning.