Mika Schröder

SCELG PhD Member

Mika Schroder is a doctoral researcher at the Strathclyde Centre for Environmental Law and Governance. She specialises in international environmental law and social justice, with key interests pertaining to the recognition and safeguarding of community rights, knowledges and perspectives within law-making processes. Ethics and spatial justice lies at the heart of her work, and she has experience collaborating with grassroots organisations and activists in considering ways towards more inclusive decision-making processes in biodiversity negotiations. She has published on community perspectives in international investment law, local stakeholder participation at the Convention on Biological Diversity, and spatial in/justice within marine spatial planning. Alongside her research Mika lectures on courses pertaining to international law and global environmental justice. She is also a writer for the IISD Earth Negotiations Bulletin where she reports on the development and progress of international environmental negotiations. Mika speaks English, Swedish, Norwegian and Spanish. 

Mika’s areas of expertise: 

  • Biodiversity and Traditional Knowledge
  • Environmental Justice
  • Human Rights
  • Land, Food and Agriculture
  • Legal Theory