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Climate Change Litigation InitiativeChile

Pilar Moraga Sariego

Lawyer – PhD in Law

Associate Professor, Centre for Environmental Law, Faculty of Law

University of Chile

Consultant on several projects regarding climate change governance, disasters, and environmental protection for UNISDR, CEPAL, Euroclima, ParlAmericas, among others, and member of the Group of Experts for the Global Pact for Environment. Currently Principal Researcher of Governance and Science Policy Interface at the Center for Climate and Resilience Research (CR)2 and associate researcher at Solar Energy Center SERC-Chile (2013-2022).

Main articles authored include: “Climate Change Governance in the Anthropocene: Emergence of Polycentrism in Chile”, in ELEMENTA (2018); “Jurisprudential and Legal Monthly Comments in Energy and Environmental Law”, in Revista de Actualidad Jurídica Ambiental; “Climate Change Damages, Conceptualization of a Legal Notion with Regard to Reparation  under International Law”, in Climate Risk Management (2016); “La réparation des atteintes environnementales”, in Revue Juridique de l´environnement, Société Française du Droit de l´Environnement (2015) ; “Environmental Assessment in Solar Energy Cases”, in Economic Administrative Law, Santiago: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (2014); “Le Principe des responsabilités communes mais différenciés dans le régime international du climat”, in Les Cahiers de Droit, Laval: Université de Laval (2014).