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Climate Change Litigation InitiativeC2LI

The Climate Change Litigation Initiative (C2LI) reviews climate change litigation in over 30 countries using a scenario-based methodology. C2LI focuses on countries where litigation exists, but also on countries with little or no litigation.

C2LI is led by the Strathclyde Centre for Environmental Law and Governance (SCELG), the University of Geneva Faculty of Law and the National University of Singapore Asia-Pacific Centre for Environmental Law. C2LI started in the framework of the 2018 biannual Conference of the International Academy of Comparative Law, but has now grown in a long-term initiative aimed at contributing to the discourse on climate change litigation and providing policy relevant tools to policy makers and wider stakeholders. C2LI will be launched at an event in Glasgow during COP26. 

In 2020, Springer will be publishing the book “Comparative Climate Change Litigation – Beyond the Usual Suspects” based on the work that led to C2LI.