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Jonathan Verschuuren

Jonathan Verschuuren is a professor of International and European Environmental Law at Tilburg University, the Netherlands. He is or has been visiting faculty at a range of universities across the world, including the Universities of Connecticut, Potchefstroom, Leuven, and Sydney. In 2015, he received a prestigious Marie Skolodowska Curie fellowship under the EU Horizon 2020 research programme, and in 2017 he was the recipient of the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law senior scholarship prize. His current research focuses on the climate change-agriculture-food security nexus, leading to such publications as ‘Towards an EU Regulatory Framework for Climate Smart Agriculture: the Example of Soil Carbon Sequestration’ (2018) 7(2) Transnational Environmental Law. His other research mainly focuses on various legal aspects of climate change, including coastal adaptation and emissions trading, as well as on important foundations of environmental law, such as the role of principles and human rights. He is the editor of the Climate Law Research Handbook series (Edward Elgar) as well as member of the board of editors of such journals as the South African Journal of Environmental Law and Policy and the Journal of Human Rights and the Environment.