Strathclyde Institute for Operations Management

The Strathclyde Institute for Operations Management (SIOM) brings together the leading experts in Operations Management and Advanced Manufacturing from Strathclyde's Business School and Faculty of Engineering to establish Operations Management as a strategic resource with a view to innovating and underpinning best practice Operations Management in Manufacturing.


What is Operations Management?

As we seek to increase value and improve productivity, Operations Management plays a critical role in ensuring success.

Operations Management is about the production and distribution of goods and services, but also has to involve supply chains, innovation, and strategy, with a view to creating robust and sustainable organisations capable of coping with and benefiting from change.

SIOM activity focuses on:

  • Improving productivity through innovation and application of a range of established techniques.
  • Enabling a networked view across value and supply chains. This is increasingly important as the way we do business evolves.
  • Implementation of innovation through effective leadership, culture and change management.

The mission of the Institute is to provide thought leadership and facilitate the advancement of the theory and practice of operations management through: