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Architecture Architecture & urbanism in the global south

The Cluster for Research in Architecture and Urbanism of Cities in the Global South (CRAUCGS) was established in 2014 by Professor Ashraf M. Salama.

Our research is based on the fact that the revolution of information and telecommunication technologies of the 1990s has resulted in what theorists refer to as ‘time-space compression’ and ‘global flows.’ In response to the new global order, cities in the global south have experienced dramatic urban transformations that instigate critical questions about regenerating and retrofitting cities, the quality of urban life, health, liveability, identity and multiculturalism.

We aim to become a knowledge hub for international scholarship and knowledge transfer on cities in the global south, in line with the University of Strathclyde's Institute for Future Cities (IFC).

The cluster conducts research that focuses on the area of the global south. This is defined geographically to include key capitals, major cities and important settlements within Africa, the Arabian peninsula, the Indian Sub-Continent, the Mediterranean and the Middle East, South America, and South Asia.

While our researchers have already explored key cities in these regions, we aspire to develop comprehensive studies, partnerships, and databases on architecture and urbanism of most important cities and settlements. These will enable the development of informed decisions about future developments in the global south.

Our staff

Academic Leader

Collaborating academics

Research grants & projects

  • Salama, Ashraf M (2014-2017) QNRF: Qatar National Research Fund, ‘Investigating Housing Typologies in Multicultural Societies of the Gulf Region.’
  • Salama, Ashraf M (2014) Kingdom of Bahrain –Funded ‘Contribution to the Catalogue of the Pavilion of the Kingdom of Bahrain at the Venice Architecture Biennale-2014.’
  • Salama, Ashraf M. et al (2012-2013) QNRF: Qatar National Research Fund, ‘The Nature of Public Space in Globalizing Doha.’
  • Salama, Ashraf M. et al (2011-2014) QNRF: Qatar National Research Fund, ‘Investigating the Qualities of the Urban Environment in Emerging Regional Metropolises.’

Key publications

  • Salama, Ashraf M (2014) Media coverage and users' reactions: Al Azhar Park in Cairo re-examined. In: Architecture Beyond Criticism. Routledge, pp. 91-103. ISBN 9780415725323
  • Salama, Ashraf M (2014) A century of architecture in the Arabian Peninsula: evolving Isms and multiple architectural identities in a growing region. In: Architecture from the Arab world (1914-2014). Bahrain Ministry of Culture, Manama, Bahrain, pp. 137-143. ISBN 978-9958-4-034-1.
  • Al-Maimani, Ahood and Salama, Ashraf M. and Fadli, Fodil (2014) Exploring socio-spatial aspects of traditional souqs : the case of souq Mutrah, Oman. Archnet-IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research, 8 (1). pp. 50-65. ISSN 1938-7806.
  • Salama, Ashraf M (2014) Intervention urbanism: the delicacy of aspirational change in the old centre of Doha. Urban Pamphleteer, 4. pp. 1-3.
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Current research themes & PhD topics

Members of CRAUCGS are currently engaged in exploring timely and pressing issues in cities in the global south. Topics include:

  • Architectural and urban identity, spectacles and global city image
  • Culture, lifestyles, and transformations in housing typologies
  • Ecological urbanism / landscape urbanism
  • Liveability, diversity, and quality of urban life
  • Regeneration and sustainable urban conservation
  • Socio-cultural/socio-economic sustainability and the right to the city
  • ]Squatter settlements and informal urbanism
  • The phenomena of gated communities and cities within cities
  • The spatial practice of migrant communities and comparative urbanism