Chemical Engineering Nanostructured materials

We design, develop, and manufacture new nanostructured materials that can be used to address problems of global significance, such as energy generation and storage, water purification and drug delivery.

Key areas of research include novel materials (e.g bio-inspired-nano-materials, carbon aerogels, and metal organic frameworks) and processes related to carbon capture, hydrogen storage, fuel cells and super capacitors.

Our facilities

We have new state-of-the-art research laboratories housing a comprehensive suite of experimental facilities ranging from light scattering to spectroscopy to adsorption measurements to high pressure viscometry.

  • static and dynamic light scattering
  • UV, VIS, IR and CD spectroscopy
  • gas and high pressure liquid chromatography
  • thermogravimetric analysis
  • differential scanning calorimetry (ambient and high pressure)
  • temperature programmed desorption and mass spec
  • gas adsorption and gas separation
  • optical microscopy and image analysis
  • x-ray diffraction
  • high isostatic presses
  • rheometer and high-pressure viscometer
  • high-temperature furnaces
  • facilities for the large-scale production of hollow polymer fibres

Example research projects

  • Dr Ashleigh Fletcher is developing novel sorbents to remove pollutants from process and municipal water