Electronic & Electrical EngineeringMicro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)

The aim of the research is to design, develop and apply MEMS and microsensors as a means of reducing the size, weight and cost of sensing, imaging and measurement systems. Development of such devices will lead to miniaturization of systems together with lower power consumption and deployment in areas where large-scale systems cannot be conveniently used.  We are currently investigating novel laser systems with the integration of optical MEMS devices, designed and developed in-house, into solid-state laser cavities.  We aim to provide improved functionality and performance of laser systems using computer controllable intra-cavity elements such as adaptive optics mirrors, resonant MEMS micromirrors and tunable diffractive elements. Another branch of application of optical MEMS is their application in quantum-optical systems. In collaboration with our Physics Department, we are evaluating MEMS for controlling optical beams in miniaturized ion and atom traps. We are also investigating directional MEMS microphones based on biomimetics. One of the applications of directional microphone technology is in next-generation hearing aids, and we are collaborating with researchers from the Centre for Ultrasonic Engineering and clinicians to develop these devices. Our research expertise and areas include:

  • MEMS design and modelling
  • MEMS characterization
  • working with MEMS foundries
  • application of optical MEMS in laser systems
  • application of optical MEMS in quantum optics
  • application of optical MEMS in medical devices