Electronic & electrical engineeringCentre for Microsystems & Photonics

The Centre for Microsystems and Photonics (CMP) has extensive expertise in the design, fabrication and testing of MEMS, microsensors, microfluidics, optoelectronic and photonic sensors and systems. Our research strategy is to ensure that fundamental research and generation of new knowledge is actively pursued, accompanied by strong engagement with industrial collaborators.

The Centre comprises a multidisciplinary research team which contributes to theoretical and practical developments in the fields of fibre-optic and guided wave optic sensors, fibre lasers, micromechanics, gas sensing spectroscopies, together with lab-on-a-chip and microfluidic technologies for biological and clinical applications. Our academic and postgraduate research team includes both home and international PhD students and postdoctoral researchers from a variety of engineering and science disciplines.

Over the last 20 years, an integral part of our research activities includes collaborative work and knowledge transfer with Rolls Royce, M Squared and Thales, and more recently also with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies including AMS Biotechnology, Roslin Cells and AstraZeneca.

Research themes