Electronic & Electrical EngineeringRobotics, NDE Automation & Metrology

We develop novel robotic solutions to solve real problems in industry. Working with aerospace, energy, nuclear and oil and gas sectors, our research spans manufacturing robotics and fixed asset inspection. Our aim is to provide engineers with the latest tools for product quality assurance through the integration of traditional NDE technologies with the latest advances in automation, data processing and complex data set visualisation.

Our research projects in this area include:

  • Manufacturing robotics for in-process inspection
  • Precision tracking and large volume metrology
  • Mobile robotics and UAVs for asset inspection
  • Novel path planning and control for robotic inspection
  • Integrated NDE measurement technologies
  • Advanced defect visualisation and surface reconstruction
  • CAD/CAM driven approaches to robotic control

CUE and the Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC) in collaboration with Spirit AeroSystems, Prestwick secured £1.5M funding through the VIEWS programme - (Validation and Integration of Manufacturing Enablers for Future Wing Structures) to commission a new robotic inspection cell at the AFRC. This project forms part of the thirteen partner £30M VIEWS programme which is part-funded through the UK Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) and is aimed at innovative aircraft wing design, manufacture and assembly technologies.

A multi-robot flexible inspection cell was recently commissioned at the AFRC to provide a direct conduit to take fundamental research conducted in the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering to higher TRL levels (4 to 6) ready for future industrial exploitation. The flexible nature of the cell also allows new fundamental research to be supported and investigated.