Electronic & Electrical Engineering Transducer Design, Manufacture & Characterisation

CUE has over 30 years of experience in the design, manufacture and application of ultrasonic transducers, transducer arrays and transducer systems for underwater, high power, contact and non-contact applications spanning the frequency range 30kHz-10MHz. We have an international reputation for our pioneering research into ultrasonic transducer systems and in particular, our innovative work on 1-3 connectivity piezoceramic composite technology. Our research covers a large number of technologies in the area of transducers, including:

  • Piezoceramic composite design
  • Array transducers, including sparse element configurations
  • Electrostatic devices
  • Micromachined transducers
  • Perovskite single crystal transducers
  • MEMS
  • Non-contact NDE devices
  • Wheel probes for NDE
  • Tonpilz and Horn Transducers for high power applications

We also have interests in the research area of materials and simulation for ultrasonic applications including:

  • Acoustic properties of materials
  • Thermal behaviour of ultrasonic transducer materials
  • Matching layer technology for air-coupled transducers
  • Frequency agile transducers
  • Modelling of 1-3 composite transducers using the plane wave expansion method
  • Finite element modelling software, PZFlex, for transducer and array design

We offer the facility to fabricate prototype transducers in-house across this broad range of transducer technologies. We also have extensive materials and transducer characterisation facilities to support our transducer developments, ranging from laser vibrometry through to a sonar test tank.