Journalism, media & communicationsViolence & Conflict

Research team:

  • Professor Karen Boyle
  • Dr Michael Higgins
  • Dr Redi Koobak
  • Dr Chamil Rathnayake

This strand brings together colleagues working on violence and/in media, communication and culture. We are interested in how violence and conflict are made meaningful – and therefore supported or resisted – through different communicative practices. Some of our projects include the cultural fetishisation of conflict and aggression and mediated forms of feminist activism against gender-based violence. Work in this strand is strongly interdisciplinary, engaging with theories and methods which include computational analysis, political communications, gender studies and history.

Recent funded projects associated with this strand include a project exploring the impact of the #metoo movement on the stratified institutional structures of academia in Norway and South Africa (PI Redi Koobak) and feminist ethics and #metoo (collaborating participant Redi Koobak); and a BA/Leverhulme project focused on the use of “trigger warnings” in Higher Education (PI Karen Boyle).