Services marketing: our PhD students

Our PhD students

Daud Nayer

Eilidh Cook

Esraa Karam (Customer Engagement Marketing, Mechanisms and Facilitating Factors)

Jorg Forthmann

Kim Hartmann

Nauman Asad (Cultural commodification and religious tourism)

Nefertari Young (An investigation into the role of 'Time-Of-Day' Marketing in enhancing experiential value in service customer journeys)

Praosiri Charusalaipong (Dark tourism experiences)

Sania Shakeel

Sebastian Goebel

Sissi Lehto (Marketing Automation and B2B Engagement)

Tichakunda Rodney Mwenje

Tuĝçe Ozgen Genc (Margin to Mainstream: Using Engagement to change entrenched consumption practices around food waste)

Yang Ding

PhD Completions

Jane Johnstone 2020

Mansour AlYahya, 2019

Nadine Adam, 2018 (University of West of Scotland)

Jaylan Azer, 2018