PhysicsAwards & esteem

Members of the Department are active in many ways that contribute to the wellbeing of Physics as a subject of research. Strathclyde Physics takes seriously its commitment to science in society in terms of producing, directing and contributing to the management of the highest quality research. This commitment continues into translating that research into useful technologies for the benefit of Physics, science in general and wider society, and into explaining the purpose and meaning of its research to the public, as befits the status of Physics as one of the most significant research departments at Strathclyde in alignment with the founding principles of John Anderson’s institution as “A place of useful learning”.

Department staff have been recognised by medals and awards in recognition of their leadership and expertise. These include:

  • 2020 Institute of Physics Gabor Medal (David Birch)
  • The Optical Society’s 2019 Robert E Hopkins Leadership Award (Allister Ferguson)
  • 2019 RMS Light Microscopy Medal (Gail McConnell)
  • 2017 HORIBA Lifetime Achievement Award (David Birch)
  • 2017 IEEE Plasma Science and Applications Award (Alan Phelps)
  • 2016 Institute of Physics Gabor Medal (Martin Dawson)
  • 2016 IEEE Aron Kressel Award (Martin Dawson)

Recent successes in the award of prestigious research Chair and fellowships include:

  • Kali Wilson – Royal Society University Research Fellowship in 2020
  • Keith Mathieson - RAEng Chair in Emerging Technologies in 2019
  • Rob Cameron - Royal Society University Research Fellowship in 2019
  • Alessandro Rossi – UKRI Future Leader Fellowship in 2019
  • Brian Patton - Extended Royal Society University Research Fellowship in 2018
  • Johannes Herrnsdorf – EPSRC UKRI Innovation Fellowship in 2018
  • Jonathan Pritchard - EPSRC Quantum Technology Fellowship in 2015

Many of our staff have key positions in learned societies and panels. Recent activity includes:

  • Appointment to Fellow of The Royal Society of Edinburgh (Paul McKenna in 2020, Gail McConnell in 2019 and Dino Jaroszynski in 2015)
  • IOP: Particle Accelerators and Beams Group Chair (Brian McNeil)
  • RMS: Light Microscopy Section Chair (Gail McConnell)
  • Large Facilities Forum (Paul McKenna)
  • Quantum Electronics and Photonics Committee (Gordon Robb)
  • Royal Society's International Networks Committee (Martin Dawson)
  • Member of Board of Governors and Vice President Conferences, IEEE Photonics Society, five committee memberships (Martin Dawson)
  • Member of Royal Society International Exchanges Panel (David Birch)
  • Membership of two Royal Society Committees (Martin Dawson)
  • Board Member of European Physical Society Quantum Electronics and Optics Division (Thorsten Ackemann)

Our staff have important leadership roles on UKRI panels and advisory teams. These include:

  • STFC Science Board (Paul McKenna)
  • EPSRC Capital and Equipment Strategic Advisory Team (Paul McKenna)
  • EPSRC Quantum Technology SAT/SAN working group (Martin Dawson)
  • STFC Accelerator Strategy Board (Bernhard Hidding)
  • Member of STFC High Power Laser Facility Access Panel (Bernhard Hidding)
  • Coordinators for STFC 2017 Accelerator Strategic Review, Light Source (Brian McNeil) Novel Accelerators (Bernhard Hidding)

Strathclyde Physics plays a critical role in research pooling. Leadership roles in pools includes:

  • SUPA Photonics Theme Leader (Jennifer Hastie)
  • Rob Martin is Chair of and Fabien Massabuau is a member of the UK Nitrides Consortium Committee

We have contributed to a number of National Reviews:

  • 2018 House of Commons Select Committee report on Quantum Technology (Erling Riis and Martin Dawson)
  • 2017 BEIS Review of National Large Facilities at Harwell (Paul McKenna)
  • UK Government BEIS Member, Quantum Computing Expert Group (2019-2020)

Our staff are members of Advisory Committees for international facilities including:

  • APOLLON 10-Petawatt laser in France (Paul McKenna)
  • Extreme Light Infrastructure-Nuclear Physics facility in Romania (Dino Jaroszynski and Paul McKenna)
  • HIBEF project at the European XFEL in Germany (Paul McKenna)
  • Centre for Therapeutic Intervention in Bath/Bordeaux (Gail McConnell)

Many of our staff have editorial positions on the boards of leading scientific journals. These include:

  • David Birch was until 2016 Editor in Chief of Measurement Science and Technology, is a co-founding Editor in Chief of Methods and Applications in Fluorescence and on the board of Journal of Biomedical Optics
  • Martin Dawson was Editor (2016 – 2019) and is Editor-in-Chief (2019 – 2022) of Progress in Quantum Electronics
  • Gian-Luca Oppo is on the Editorial Board of Physical Review Letters
  • Gail McConnell is on the Editorial Board of both Journal of Microscopy and Microscopy Research and Technique
  • Gordon Robb is on the board of Optics Express and Atoms
  • Stefan Kuhr is on the Editorial Board of Physical Review X and an Associate Editor of Science Advances
  • Francesco Papoff is on the Editorial Board of Scientific Reports