Research & Knowledge Exchange Services

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Research & Knowledge Exchange Services (RKES) provides a range of professional services to: optimise the commercial potential of the University’s intellectual property; support funding applications; manage contractual agreements; and develop engagement with businesses, organisations and strategic partners.

RKES is made up of four teams. The Grants & Contracts team supports academic staff and researchers in their applications for external funding and completing contractual agreements. The International Business Development Service team supports applications for European and international funding for education and R&KE activities. The Research & Knowledge Exchange Development Service team supports the strategic R&KE goals of the University's faculties, departments and academic staff. The Researcher Enhancement Service brings together the teams working in Researcher Development, Research Policy (which encompasses the Research Excellence Framework Team and the Research Audit Team) and PGR Funding. 

If you would like some advice on how to exploit the University's innovations or access funding opportunities, please contact the relevant person listed in Contact RKES or send an email to