IP & Commercialisation

Delivering impact – commercialising research

Developing new innovations is in Strathclyde’s DNA. From medical diagnostics to life-saving drugs and alternative proteins to quantum computers, the breadth and range of innovation at Strathclyde is delivering meaningful impact for society globally.

Our strategic plan, Vision 2025, builds on successes to date and sets out the important contributions Strathclyde seeks to make. The strategic goal of world-leading research sits alongside the goal of transformative innovation and impact, reflected in KPIs 6, 9, 10 & 11 (research income, KE income, industry strategic partnerships and industry research income).

Intellectual property is a key consideration in delivering these goals and the IP & Commercialisation Team is here to support you, from initial disclosure through to a successful outcome, typically licensing or spin-out company formation. We will ensure you receive the best support and advice for your innovation to become a commercial success.


Market engagement

To get an opportunity to market, most individuals or teams will have a view on whether they wish to look at the potential to form a spin-out company or license to a third party.  Both of these outcomes are encouraged and supported by the University and funding can be accessed to support this activity, with a view to determining the route to market.


Licensing to a third party involves identifying the right licensee(s), perhaps with a view to building a strategic partnership. Funding can be accessed to develop the opportunity so that it’s ready for licensing.  An IP & Commercialisation Manager will provide advice and guidance on this, and also the negotiation of a license agreement when a suitable licensee is identified.

Licensing opportunities

Spin-out company formation

Forming a spin-out company can be very rewarding and provides an opportunity for inventors to step partially, and sometimes entirely, into a new company. The IP & Commercialisation team helps founders build the team to drive the opportunity forward by identifying a commercial champion, guiding customer discovery, business planning and investor engagement to deliver a robust business plan. Funding can be accessed to support this and the founding team will be supported by an IP & Commercialisation Manager who will advise the team on the University’s spin-out company formation policy and guide the opportunity towards approval.

University spin-out companies

Protecting IP

Whether you are at the early stages of new development or have progressed to a proof of concept demonstrator, help is available to identify and protect the intellectual property (IP); assess the commercial potential and determine the best route to market. 

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Sharing of Success

Sharing of financial rewards is important to Strathclyde, and all inventors and faculties receive a share of commercialisation revenues received.  In FY2020/21, the income of over £1,047,838 was received and shared.

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Stage-gate funding recipients

The Stage-Gated Process is the framework used to support commercialisation activities.  For each Gate there are criteria and approval at each stage can release funding, in addition, to support from a dedicated IP & Commercialisation manager.

Laura Gray

Laura Gray, Technician, Education

"I was awarded Gate 1 funding to explore the patentability of my model of a cyclotron for schools."

Ivan Andonovic, Professor in Electronic & Electrical Engineering

Ivan Andonovic, Professor, Electronic & Electrical Engineering

“I was awarded Gate 2 funding for a commercial champion to connect the project with potential end customers.”

Karyn Ross, Senior Teaching Fellow, Biomedical Engineering

"I was awarded Gate 3 funding for travel to meet our licensee and secure the deal."

Blair Johnson

Blair Johnston, Professor, Institute of Pharmacy & Biomedical Sciences

“I was approved at Gate 4 to launch the University spin-out, ULab - currently tracking room usage to help keep the Strathclyde community safe."