Dept of Pure & Applied ChemistryEquality, Diversity and Inclusion

Equality and Diversity (EDI) Committee Remit

The Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry wishes to foster a positive cultural environment which allows both staff and students to flourish, ensuring that everyone is treated with respect and valued. We recognise that this requires commitment (and action) from everyone at all levels of the Department and that often this can only be achieved by changing cultures and attitudes across the Department. 

The EDI Committee within the Department is committed to widening access and inclusion. Promoting the value of the many different identities which make up an organisational culture which is respectful and inclusive irrespective of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity/paternity, parental and caring responsibilities/leave, race, sexual orientation, religion, belief or social background. 

The EDI Committee is the representative body for the Department who advocate for, and recognise the differing needs of individuals including, the recruitment, selection, training, appraisal, development and promotion of staff. It will identify problems, come up with pragmatic solutions and will monitor the effectiveness of these actions. The ultimate aim being for a positive influence over the Departmental culture and to raise awareness to ensure that everyone that works or is a student within the Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry will feel valued irrespective of their personal circumstances. 


Current Equality and Diversity Committee members: 

  • Dr Clare Hoskins (Chair)
  • Prof. Duncan Graham (HoD)
  • Ian Graham (Departmental Manager)
  • Dr Aaron Lau
  • Dr Lorraine Gibson van Mil
  • Dr Alan Kennedy
  • Dr Gavin Craig
  • Dr Bronagh Murphy
  • Ashleigh Logue
  • Dr Christine Davidson
  • Angela Anderson
  • Dr Kirsty Ross
  • Christina McKendry
  • Jim Tweedie

Athena Swan Annual Lecture

On May 9th 2018, we were priviledged to host Prof. David K. Smith from the Univeristy of York for our annual Athena Swan lecture. Prof Smith gave an inspirational talk on his personal motivations behind his research as well as insight into his own dept's path towards Athena Swan Gold Award status.   

Highlighting equality and diversity

Faces of Chemistry

About 45% of our chemistry PhD students are female compared to a UK average of 40%. 

Athena SWAN video

Around 46% of our UG students are female, which is a little above the UK average for chemistry.