Dept of Pure & Applied ChemistryAthena SWAN Bronze Award

The Chemistry Athena SWAN Self Assessment Team (CASSAT) forms an integral part of our dept's management structure and was established to promote gender equality and diversity at all staff and student levels. We were delighted that our efforts were recognised with the award of an Athena Swan Bronze Award in December 2017 and join a number of departments across Strathclyde University with Bronze or Silver award status. 

Current CASSAT members: 

  • Prof. Eva Hevia (Chair)
  • Prof. Duncan Graham (HoD)
  • Prof. Nick Tomkinson
  • Dr Aaron Lau
  • Dr David Nelson
  • Dr Patrick Thomson
  • Dr Alastair Wark
  • Janie-Anne Pickrell (Technical staff)
  • Roslyn MacDonald (Admin staff)
  • Ashleigh Logue (Admin staff)
  • Dr Lauren Jamieson (PostDoc)
  • Leonie Bole (PG student)
  • Leah McGee (UG student)

Athena Swan Annual Lecture

On May 9th 2018, we were priviledged to host Prof. David K. Smith from the Univeristy of York for our annual Athena Swan lecture. Prof Smith gave an inspirational talk on his personal motivations behind his research as well as insight into his own dept's path towards Athena Swan Gold Award status.   

Highlighting equality and diversity

Faces of Chemistry

About 45% of our chemistry PhD students are female compared to a UK average of 40%. 

Athena SWAN video

Around 46% of our UG students are female, which is a little above the UK average for chemistry.