Pure & Applied Chemistry

Important contacts

We want to make sure you find who you're looking for so we've put together a small list of our staff for you.

Professor Duncan Graham Head of Department chemistry.hod@strath.ac.uk
Roslyn Nimmo Undergraduate Admissions roslyn.nimmo@strath.ac.uk
Isabel Scott Postgraduate Admissions isabel.scott@strath.ac.uk
Dr Mark Dufton Academic Selector mark.dufton@strath.ac.uk
Dr Penny Haddrill Academic Selector for MSc/PhD Forensic Science penny.haddrill@strath.ac.uk
Professor Robert Mulvey Director of Research r.e.mulvey@strath.ac.uk 
Dr Lorraine Gibson Director of Teaching lorraine.gibson@strath.ac.uk
Lorraine Stewart Centre for Forensic Science lorraine.stewart@strath.ac.uk
Laureen Sykes Industrial Placements Secretary laureen.sykes@strath.ac.uk
Lesley Liggat Head of Department Secretary/ Alumni lesley.a.gilmour@strath.ac.uk
Dr Alan Kennedy Schools Liason & Outreach a.r.kennedy@strath.ac.uk

Carol Brownlie

Alison Keir

Special Needs