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Hello From the Chemistry Clinic Team

Chemistry Clinic Team 2021/2022


Hello everyone, we are the Chemistry Clinic Team for 2021/2022: Jade Paterson, Lewis Kelly and Scott Thomson. We are very much looking forward to the ten months ahead of us and will be keeping you up to date on all of our projects.

The Chemistry Clinic is run by Dr Sharon Ingram, Dr Brian McMillan and Prof John Liggat whom we will be working alongside, along with PhD students and experienced researchers.

Working from Home

With everyday life still under restrictions from the ongoing pandemic the Chemistry Clinic will initially be online with the hope of returning to campus in the near future.

Microplastic presentation

In our second week of being in the Chemistry Clinic we’ve had the chance to demonstrate our presentation skills in front of Sharon, Brian, and some of the PhD students we will be working alongside. Our presentation included the background and risks of microplastics, common polymers and environmental issues.

What’s next

We are currently creating a social media plan to share what we have been working on and what we will be getting up to in the future. If all goes to plan, our projects should get underway during October, so be sure to check back in for more updates!