Angela Gallop named Strategic Director for Forensic Science

Angela has been a practising forensic scientist for over 40 years and is known equally for setting up and running full scale forensic laboratories (including LGC Forensics - the largest forensic provider in the UK), and for establishing and personally directing the scientific teams which have helped to solve many of the UK’s most complex and intractable criminal cases. These include, for example, Rachel Nickell, Damilola Taylor, Stephen Lawrence and the Coastal Path Murders. Amongst other things, Angela is also a Past President of the Chartered Society for Forensic Sciences, and sat as a Commissioner on the recent independent Parliamentary Commission into the Future of Policing.

The Centre for Forensic Science is the oldest, and most respected teaching centre for forensic science in the UK. Angela is building on this impressive base to create a Centre for Advanced Forensics where students learn not only the basics of forensic science, but how to combine these in elegant strategies to help solve even the most difficult of cases. With this new level of expertise available independently within Scotland, the Centre will also provide second opinions to lawyers and police alike to help ensure that offenders are identified and prosecuted, and the courts reach just and sustainable verdicts.

In this way, the University of Strathclyde will continue to stand apart from other teaching institutions, giving students a real and deep understanding of operational forensics to the highest level and, at the same time, it will provide a valuable independent resource for law enforcement and criminal justice within Scotland.