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    • Dr Matthew Baker is awarded the RCS's Harrison-Meldola Memorial Prize 2017

      Our congratulations go to Dr Matthew Baker who has been awarded the RSC's Harrison-Meldola Memorial Prize 2017 for his novel analytical methodologies for the detection and characterisation of molecules within complex matrices and their application towards human health and security. Well done Matt!

    • Dr Eva Hevia is an RSC Corday Morgan 2017 winner

      Our congratulations go to Dr Eva Hevia, who has been awarded the RSC Corday Morgan Prize for her research on polar organometallic chemistry and, in particular, for her important contributions towards air - and moisture-tolerant synthesis. Well done Dr Hevia

    • Dr Glenn Burley has publication accepted in Chem journal

      We are delighted to report that Dr Glenn Burley has had a manuscript accepted in Chem, a very selective journal by CellPress publishers. The title of the manuscript is "Structural Basis of the Mispairing of an Artificially Expanded Genetic Information system".

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