Calling all former Salters’ Prizewinners, Awardwinners, Fellows or Scholars!

In 2018 the Salters’ Institute will be celebrating its Centenary. Since it was founded in 1918 the Salters’ Institute has been at the forefront of supporting chemistry education both in the UK and overseas. The Centenary gives the Institute a focus to celebrate the Institute’s history and the impact of its current activities; to redefine its relationship with the chemical industry; and to develop new initiatives, one of which is a network for Salters’ Institute Alumni.

To begin this network the Institute is contacting its previous Awardwinners to find out where their careers have taken them since winning an Award, and to get involved in the Institute’s Alumni events.

So far an event is planned at The Royal Society of Edinburgh on Thursday 30 November 2017. As part of the Centenary year plans are underway for an event at Salters’ Hall in April 2018 (date TBC).

Please contact: for more information.