Coloured liquid in beakers

Dept of Pure & Applied ChemistryStudent Prizes

We take great pride in the successes of our students, past and present. Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding achievements and valuable contributions to the field of chemistry:




Prof David Sherrington Award 

Petra Matosuva

Andersonian Centenary Prize

Michael Bogdos

Sir George Beilby Memorial Medal

Patrick Murton

The JLS Allan Memorial Prize

Neil Judge

Beilby and Huddleson Prize

Samantha McCabe

Thomas Cotton

GlaxoSmithKline Prize 

Gemma Little

Syngenta Prize 

Jenna Mowat 

ICI Chemical and Polymers

Fiona Barclay  

Ewan Polwart Memorial prize

Megan Cowie 



Professor Patrick D Ritchie Prize

Victoria Pollard

Joshua Barham

Giacomo Padroni

Giuseppe Nocera

Professor David MacMillan Prize

Simon Rohrbach

Richard Mudd

Philippa Owens

Jason Williams

Professor David Sherrington Prize Faye Nicolson