SUPA Knowledge Exchange Fellowship

Philip Yip


Congratulations to Philip Yip for being awarded a SUPA INSPIRE knowledge exchange fellowship for a secondment to Horiba Jobin Yvon IBH Ltd. Philip is close to submitting his PhD, which was sponsored by the SUPA INSPIRE programme in collaboration with NPL and Horiba, and he recently completed a placement at Horiba in Edison, New Jersey. Three journal publications and one book chapter have already arisen from his work.

His secondment will involve time-correlated single-photon counting, the main technique for fluorescence lifetime measurement, the commercialization of which was pioneered by the Photophysics Group through the formation of IBH in 1977 as one of the very earliest Scottish University companies. The company merged with Horiba in 2003 to become the dominant global supplier of fluorescence instruments.

20th May 2015