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Both the University of Strathclyde and the University of Strathclyde Students’ Association (USSA) believe in the need for an effective and coherent Student Representation System in order to ensure that the learner voice is distinctive and strong.

The Guidance sets out the joint commitment of the University and the Students’ Association to promote an effective system of student representation: a commitment driven by the objective to enhance the student learning experience.


  • The University is committed to engaging with student feedback in order to monitor and enhance the quality of the student experience.
  • The objective is to maintain the existing positive culture, in which the institution makes explicit its commitment to receiving and responding to students' views and to discussing current learning and teaching issues with them.
  • The term 'Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC)' is used to describe the various bodies which provide a formal opportunity for Class Representatives to give feedback on their courses and their constituent elements (i.e. classes, labs, placements, dissertations etc.).
  • Whilst the importance and value of SSLCs is recognised across the institution , it is also necessary that alternative and additional avenues exist to enable student feedback.
  • The training of Class Representatives is fundamental to the successful operation of SSLCs  and effective Class Reps; responsibility for providing this training rests with USSA, with input from the University.
  • Every class or group of students in the University should have at least one representative, and this should include access programmes, part-time programmes, postgraduate taught programmes and postgraduate research students.


For Departmental responsibilities and the responsibilities of Class Reps and USSA, please see the guidance below.


You can find out who your Student Reps are for your class on MyPlace through the Contact My Rep Tool. If you can’t find this information, please contact your department.

If you would like to become a Student Rep, you can find more information on the USSA’s website.


Student Representation Guidance


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