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Welcome to the Student Survey Team pages!

If you're a student at Strathclyde, we have a survey for you!

The University runs a number of different surveys throughout the academic year to help us gather as much information about your experience at Strathclyde as possible. Only by listening to you can we tell what we do well and identify areas for improvement. Find out which surveys are current to you on Myplace!

The surveys running this acadmic session include:

National Student Survey (NSS)

Final year undergraduates have to chance to provide feedback on their course in this national survey. The NSS launched at Strathclyde on the 14th January 2019!

Strathclyde Undergraduate Student Survey (SUSS)

All our other undergraduates can have a chance to tell us about their experiences in the SUSS! The SUSS launched on 14th January 2019.

Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) 

The PTES 2019 will launch in March 2019. We want feedback from our postgrauate taught students and the PTES is how we gather it!

Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS)

The GOS runs four times a year, finding out what people who have completed a course at Strathclyde have gone on to do, 15 months after they gain their qualification.

Welcome to Strathclyde

New to Strathclyde? On an undergraduate or taught postgraduate course? Then we want to hear from you! This survey has now closed for 2018 but will reopen at the start of the 2019/20 session next year!

International Student Barometer (ISB)

Full time international and EU students have their chance to let us know about their experiences at Strathclyde in the ISB. This survey launched in November 2018 and closed on 31st December. Thanks to everyone who gave their views!

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