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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Personal statement

My research interests are focused on maps for the interactions of solid particle erosion and wear of materials in corrosive environments, with specific emphasis on charting mechanisms of materials loss. My research group has pioneered a number of maps in the Tribo-Corrosion domain including the erosion-corrosion and micro-abrasion maps for aqueous environments applicable to renewable energy (wind and tidal energy), oil exploration and bio-medical conditions (hip joint replacements and dental implants).  We are also developing paradigms for combining materials and meteorological maps. 

The Tribology Research Group in the Department which I lead has attracted over £2m of research funding since 2016.  I am a Fellow of the Institute of Physics (CPhys, FInsP), of the Institute of Materials, Mining and Minerals (FIMMM) and the Institution of Engineers of Ireland (CEng, FIEI). I have a PhD (1990) and DSc (2003) from the University of Manchester.  I am also a member of the EPSRC peer review college in the UK. 

I have led the EPSRC funded ReC-ASM (£1.1m) project which aims to optimize materials in marine and tidal energy conversion and have supervised over 30 PhD students.  Many of our current projects sit in the Green Tribology and low carbon technology space.

My group has authored over 210 publications (160 journal articles) and has an h-index of 40 Scopus and 47 Google scholar (over 6300 citations) with an i10-index of 119. Our Research Interest Score of 2424 in ResearchGate currently exceeds that of 98% of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics researchers worldwide and 97% of ResearchGate members. It is comprised of over 85% citations in academic journals.  In the 2020 Stanford study of top 2% academics internationally, we are within the top 1% in the Mechanical Engineering and Transports ranking.

I lead the International Network on Tribo-Corrosion and sit on several editorial boards including Tribology International and Lubricants.  Our collaborations on materials for energy have included the EPSRC CAMREG project with the University of Edinburgh and the EU SPIRE 2 project on novel approaches towards energy storage with University of Ulster. 

Our group has founded the first journal in Tribo-Corrosion of which I am Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Bio- and Tribo-Corrosion (Springer, New York) which published 84 papers in 2023 (CiteScore tracker of 6 for 2023) and is Q1 in three categories i.e. Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics of Materials and Metals & Alloys from 2022 with 84,929 downloads in 2022.

Research findings in our group have been presented in keynote and plenary lectures at over 70 national and international conferences.


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On the construction methodology of microabrasion-corrosion maps using theoretical approaches
Ritchie F W, Jana B D, Zekos I, Stack M M
Journal of Bio- and Tribo-Corrosion Vol 10 (2024)
Some thoughts on modelling abrasion-corrosion : wear by hard particles in corrosive environments
Jiang Jiaren, Islama Md Aminul, Xie Yongsong, Stack Margaret M
Journal of Bio- and Tribo-Corrosion Vol 10 (2024)
Modelling erosion-corrosion in metals : the effects of elastic rebound and impact angle on erosion-corrosion maps
Stack MM, Jana BD
Mechanical and Electro-chemical Interactions under Tribocorrosion From Measurements to Modelling for Building a Relevant Monitoring Approach (2021) (2021)
Mapping of meteorological observations over the island of Ireland to enhance the understanding and prediction of rain erosion in wind turbine blades
Nash James W K, Zekos Iasonas, Stack Margaret M
Energies Vol 14 (2021)
A study of raindrop impacts on a wind turbine material : velocity and impact angle effects on erosion MAPS at various exposure times
Groucott Samuel, Pugh Kieran, Zekos Iasonas, Stack Margaret M
Lubricants Vol 9 (2021)
On analytical tools for assessing the raindrop erosion of wind turbine blades
Pugh K, Nash J, Reaburn G, Stack MM
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews Vol 137 (2021)

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Professional Activities

Oceans 24
International Conference on Advances in Manufacturing & Materials Engineering
Member of programme committee
PhD External Examiner Sheffield Hallam University
Tribology 2024
Keynote/plenary speaker
PhD External Examiner Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland
PhD External Examiner University of Southampton

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Novel composites for tidal turbine application (Supergen ORE)
Stack, Margaret (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2021 - 30-Jan-2022
Novel Composites for Tidal Turbine Applications (Supergen ORE)
Roy, Dipa (Principal Investigator) Stack, Margaret (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2021 - 30-Jan-2022
Sliding wear of materials
Zekos, Iasonas (Researcher) Stack, Margaret (Co-investigator) Zeng, Quanran (Principal Investigator)
AFRC consultancy - £2,300
01-Jan-2020 - 31-Jan-2021
REMS EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Renewable Energy Marine Structures | Aghasibayli, Sabina
Brennan, Feargal (Principal Investigator) Stack, Margaret (Co-investigator) Aghasibayli, Sabina (Research Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2018 - 01-Jan-2022
Raindrop Erosion of Hybrid Coatings for Wind Turbines | PhD project James William Kazimierz Nash
Stack, Margaret (Principal Investigator) Leithead, Bill (Principal Investigator)
EU funded project: Spire 2 Interreg (University of Ulster PI, CoIs Queens University Belfast, Dundalk Institute of Technology and Strathclyde University).
01-Jan-2018 - 30-Jan-2022
Hail Impact Erosion Modelling of Surfaces | John Ross Macdonald
Stack, Margaret (Principal Investigator) Leithead, Bill (Co-investigator)
EU funded project: Spire 2 Interreg (University of Ulster PI, CoIs Queens University Belfast, Dundalk Institute of Technology and Strathclyde University).
01-Jan-2018 - 30-Jan-2022

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Professor Margaret Stack
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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