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Staff Induction

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New Staff

The purpose of Induction is to welcome new staff to the University; help you understand your responsibilities and how you contribute to our goals and values; and to ensure that the University receives the benefit of a well-trained and motivated member of staff.

In your first week of employment you are required to create an induction checklist which should be completed within 12 weeks.

You should also attend a new staff induction seminar.  These events run 3 times during the academic year and you will be automatically booked to attend upon commencing employment.

Please visit our internal Staff Induction Page for all documentation needed and a link to create a checklist.


Line Managers

It is essential that a programme is planned in advance and that someone within the department is nominated to take responsibility for the induction of a new member of staff.  Please also ensure that your new member of staff creates an online checklist in the first week of employment.

Please visit our internal Staff Induction Page for all docmentation needed to support you with inducting your new member of staff.