Campus Tree Trail - Every Tree Tells a Story

Working in partnership with Every Tree Tells a Story, Strathclyde Sport's ExHALE and Sustainable Strathclyde.

The campus tree trail identifies trees in and around the University campus which can be explored on foot. 

Designing this route we have identified a number of tree locations, describing the tree and its surroundings, seeking to encourage walkers to explore and wayfind between each tree according to their own choices and needs.

James Bonner, Every Tree Tells a Story: 

Walkers can choose to visit as many, or as few locations, as they wish – adapting their route according to the weather conditions, or how they are feeling. Take the trail alone, or with others, and try to take some time out to appreciate each tree, including how they change throughout the year. We hope this tree trail will benefit your health and wellbeing by encouraging you to spend some thoughtful time outside, as well as drawing attention to nearby trees and nature that benefit and inspire us every day!

Molière Memorial

A quote from writer Molière

Tree Route

Weeping Willow

With planting plaque from 1977

Tree Route

Big Thistles

Clump of thistles at the Sports Centre

Tree Route

Rottenrow Birches

A group of trees perfect for rest and reflection 

Tree Route

Garnet Hall Rowan

A tree sheltering a breathing space bench

Tree Route

Collins Street Tree

Tall tree with a circular bench around its trunk

Tree Route

Millennium Gardens Birch

Tree at the entrance to the millennium gardens

Tree Route

Deanside Well Garden Tree

Next to the symbolic reference to the Glasgow Crest

Tree Route

Ramshorn Theatre Giant

Huge tree at the entrance to the graveyard

Tree Route

Here is a full list of the trees in our route:

 Location Type Other 
Molière Memorial Tree  Architecture garden  Rowan-Whitebeam
(Sorbus Aria)
Memorial tree and plaque with a quote from French writer Molière, situated in the scenic architecture gardens within campus. 
Weeping Willow Architecture garden  Weeping Willow
(Salix Babylonica)
Planted in 1977 and surrounded by "Callanish" (also known as Steelhenge), a distinctive sculpture and landscaping installation constructed in 1974.
Big Thistles  Library/Sports centre  Thistles
Not strictly a tree- but thistles are Scotland’s national flower! There is a Breathing Space bench nearby to allow you to rest and reflect amongst the wildflowers. 
Rottenrow Birches Rottenrow gardens  Birch 
(Betula Pendula)
A group of welcoming birch trees close to the "Hope Triptych", built in 2021 for COP26 to reflect the scale of the climate emergency. 
Collins Street Tree Gardens at halls of residence   Copper Beech
(Fagus Sylvatica Purpurea)
This tree is in an energising garden, surrounded by a circular bench and next to a Breathing Space bench to allow to you to pause and re-energise.
Garnet Hall Rowan Courtyard in the halls of residence  Rowan- Whitebeam
(Sorbus Aria)
In Scottish folklore Rowan trees are known as "trees of life" and are said to symbolise courage, wisdom and protection.  
Millennium Gardens Birch  Entrance to Millenium Gardens   Birch
(Betula Jacquemontii)
A distinctive birch tree welcoming visitors at the entrance of the Millennium Gardens.   
Ramshorn Theatre Giant  Ingram Street   Ash
(Fraxinus Excelsior)
The Ramshorn Theatre is a former church building, and this huge tree near the entrance reaches almost the top of the tower. 
Deanside Well Garden George Street, opposite Graham Hills Building      ... An artistic reference to a tree in a garden on George Street, the site of what was a water well. Stone sculptures refer to the Glasgow Crest- including the ‘tree that never grew’.

 *A thank you to the fantastic grounds and gardens team within Estates for providing us with the above information on our trees.  

We'd love to hear your thoughts? 

We want to know about your relationship with trees. Do you have a favourite, a tree (or place of several trees) that you've always admired, or maybe one you've cared about? Is it a tree from your past, or one you know now? Where in the world are those trees?...

After all, every tree tells a story... and we would love to hear yours!

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In addition to the 9 trees on the trail, there are some other trees included in the map.

Why not try to find these trees, take your own photos of them, and send them to the Every Tree Tells A Story social media channels:

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Send us other trees you notice and admire around campus, and perhaps they’ll make it on the map too! Google map of our Campus Trees