Transfers & Exchanges

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Students wishing to transfer should aim to gather as much information as they can about their options, the classes available in other Faculties and the areas covered by these classes.  They should make contact with Class Co-ordinators (information on Class Co-ordinators available in Class Catalogue - and Advisers of Studies .  It is important to note that the majority of transfer decisions will depend on degree examination performance and will not  be finalised until after the August diet of examinations.

Students interested in applying  for transfer into a different  course within their own Department should liaise with their Adviser  and if approved the Department should email the appropriate faculty email box giving the details of the transfer  eg new course and session effect from.

Students interested in applying for a  transfer into a course outwith their Department or Faculty should contact the Department which offers the course and make initial enquiries as to the acceptability of their qualifications.  An application form can be downloaded or collected from Student Business.  This form should be completed and given to the new Department for approval and submitted to Student Business for processing.

Faculty of HASS transfers requests require a further approval by the Faculty but this process will be undertaken by Student Business and the student will be informed of the outcome.

The Student should also notify the relevant Local Education Authority or grant  awarding body of the change of course and the student should also contac the Department they are leaving to  inform them of the transfer.


There are a number of exchange schemes in which the University is involved. Students interested in taking part in an exchange should contact Recruitment & International Office , Level 4, Graham Hills Building.Exchanges to other parts of the world do take place and are usually arranged at departmental level. Students are advised to contact their departments for further information. All exchanges have to be considered by the relevant Board of Study and usually involve approval of a curriculum to be studied at the other institution. If approval is given the student must still make arrangements for the SAAS or LEA to pay their tuition fees during the period of the exchange.