Study with us Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS)

The UK Government requires that all UK Higher Education Institutes comply with the obligations of the Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS).

An ATAS clearance certificate is a mandatory requirement for some postgraduate students in science, engineering and technology.

You do not need an ATAS certificate if you are a UK/EU/EEA national.

You do need an ATAS certificate if:

  • you require a Tier 4 student Visa, Entry Clearance or Extension to Stay to study in the UK
  • you wish to study within certain subject areas at the University where the exit award will be a doctorate or postgraduate Masters degree

Take a look at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website for full details.

Research applicants

In your ATAS certificate application you must include a research statement as agreed with your selector/supervisor.

Postgraduate Masters applicants

In your ATAS certificate application you need to include a list of classes you are studying on your course. You can look up the regulation number in the Course Regulations for details of the classes for each course listed below.

Advanced Chemical & Process Engineering

Regulation 19.17.54

Advanced Mechanical Engineering
Advanced Mechanical Engineering with Aerospace

Advanced Mechanical Engineering with Energy Systems
Advanced Mechanical Engineering with Materials
Advanced Mechanical Engineering with Power Plant Technologies

Regulation 19.47.24


Applied Physics

Advanced Physics

Regulation 19.17.44

Optical Technologies

Regulation 19.17.54

Sustainable Engineering: Chemical Processing

Regulation 19.40

Sustainable Engineering: Renewable Energy Systems & the Environment

Regulation 19.40

Undergraduate Integrated Masters applicants

If you’re applying for an undergraduate integrated masters course you need to include a list of your final year classes in your ATAS application.

You can look up the regulation number in the University Regulations for details of the classes for each course listed below. The numbers are in the document called General & Course Regulations for Graduate & Postgraduate Award & Degrees 15-16 

Department of Physics

MPhys Physics

Regulation 12.17.11

Department of Chemical & Process Engineering

MEng Chemical Engineering

Regulation 12.43.7 and 12.43.8

Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

MEng Aero-Mechanical Engineering
MEng Mechanical Engineering
MEng Mechanical Engineering with Aeronautics
MEng Mechanical Engineering with Financial Management
MEng Mechanical Engineering with International Study
MEng Mechanical Engineering with Materials Engineering

Regulation 12.47.8 and 12.47.9