University accommodationRights and responsibilities

These are the rights and responsibilities of everyone who comes to stay in our halls of accommodation:

Resident rights

Each resident has the right to:

  • to not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, gender, sexuality, disability, age or religion
  • to a safe and secure environment
  • to a warm and comfortable study bedroom within a peaceful community which is helpful for learning
  • to privacy
  • to consult with the Students' Union on residence issues

Resident responsibilities

Each resident has a responsibility to:

  • respect other residents in University accommodation
  • ensure they don't persistently disturb the peace and quiet of other residents
  • adhere to all conditions outlined in the Occupancy Agreement

Our responsibilities

We will aim to:

  • help with specific needs of students with disabilities 
  • provide a 24 hour on-call emergency service 
  • ensure the campus is well lit and patrolled by Security 
  • ensure our security wardens can be contacted on a 24 hours a day via Accommodation Services
  • provide a responsive repair reporting service  
  • ensure all repair staff wear ID badges
  • ensure no one enters a resident's bedroom without their consent
  • provide help and support 

You can find more information in the: