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The Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL) prides itself on its proven track record in delivering excellence in its COSCA-accredited counselling provision in the West of Scotland. Student numbers have increased substantially over the last four years which is testament to both demand for the subject and also the reputation which CLL has earned in terms of excellence in student experience, teaching and the onward applicability of the course content in a wide-range of occupations.

Intentions for courses offered in 2020/2021

Due to the unprecedented disruption caused to University programmes during the Covid-19 crisis and the continuing uncertainty of when face-to-face teaching will resume CLL has formulated contingency teaching plans A and B. If we cannot proceed with plan A then we will move on to B.

Plan A: Courses will commence from November 2020 and end in June 2021.

Plan B: Courses will commence from early January 2021 and end in July 2021.

Courses have been foreshortened to allow completion within an academic year. There will be more Saturday attendances required and these are detailed in timetables under ‘Dates, times & locations’ in the Counselling Skills page. Please access these and study them prior to enrolling on any of the courses as attendance is important to your completion of the course.

It may be necessary to incorporate social distancing measures in face-to-face delivery in line with government guidelines. Face-to-face teaching will not be reinstated until we have full confidence that safety measures are in place, which minimise any risks to staff and students.

Certificate in Counselling Skills

Further Steps in Counselling Skills