Cappella Nova celebrates 40 years!

The award-winning Scottish professional vocal ensemble Cappella Nova recently notched up 40 years of concert-giving with a performance/CD launch in London – reviews of both concert and CD are given below.

And thanks to its Outreach Mission “Singing for All”, Cappella Nova is also familiar to many CLL Students.  Through 14 years of collaboration with the Centre, we have given the lie to countless Students who claimed (or had been told) they “cannot sing”.  Many Students return term after term to The Morning Choir to develop their skills, and we love to attract new Students from complete beginners upwards to dip a toe in the water by offering fresh, accessible approaches.

So this Summer we’re delighted to introduce Tutor Bill Jones, a new member of the Cappella Nova Outreach Team.  Bill is a perfect fit with the Cappella Nova philosophy: “music to me includes everything from the excellent art that is produced by choirs and orchestras, esoteric and clever arrangements as well as the spontaneity of community singing.  I love music and the joy it brings to others.  I have sung for as long as I can remember, and my life in music thrills me” – whether as a cathedral chorister, a busker on the streets of Edinburgh, Paris, and Bruges, a teacher, a director of musical shows and community programmes, or a leader of care home singalongs.

Come and meet Bill, starting on Thursday 30 June.  He has created an 8-week Class Sing A Simple Melody, with an emphasis on enjoyment of singing great songs from all ages and the thrill of singing with others, aided by tips and insights about how songs work.  No experience needed, just a willingness to have a go – and, in the process, discover that singing is fun and is good for you!

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