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Our online classes are perfect for learning anytime, anywhere.

We offer a long-standing programme of short- course online learning opportunities, covering a range of levels and subject areas:

How do these classes differ from our new Public Programmes online initiative?

Our long-standing, credit-bearing, online classes provide lessons using downloadable learning materials and are designated as an immersive learning experience where students can interact with each other ona daily basis if they choose. There is regular tutor input via online forums and 'live chats'. Classes are delivered through Myplace, the University's virtual learning environment. This is a user-friendly platform and all you need is a broadband internet connection. You can also study for credit if you choose by completing set assessed elements.

Public Programme online classes are designed differently to recreate as near to a face to face teaching situation as possible and are intended as online versions of our popular campus-based classes which take place at a designated time slot each week. They are delivered through Zoom and draw upon additional resources accessed through Myplace/MyCLL.  Classes are priced according to 'live' tutor contact hours in the same way as face to face classes.

See also details of our new Public Programmes Online initiative.

We currently offer three part-time programmes including Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma and MSc with flexible entry and exit points: