Centre for Lifelong LearningCreative writing mentoring

You love to write and you've been writing for a while, developing your style and honing your skills. You may already have taken a creative writing class at the Centre for Lifelong Learning or at another university, or you've been working hard on your own. Now you're ready to commit more time and effort to your writing and feel that individual feedback and support will help you take it to the next level.

Mentoring is a great tool for people wanting to take that step and we have drawn on our 30 year experience in offering creative writing classes to adults to bring you our most innovative programme yet. Specifically designed to fit with your writing needs, this tailor-made approach will help nurture you as an individual and as a writer, with the support of an expert in the field.

Why mentoring?

A writing mentor is there to give feedback on your writing and to help you make good decisions about how to continue to improve your writing. You might use your mentor to advise on honing your writing and editing skills, or you might also ask for advice on submitting your work or about any other aspect of your writing process.

The programme can be used by writers of fiction, non-fiction, scripts and poetry and can be adapted for any project, from full-length novels to short stories, poems and articles. It starts with an initial submission of up to 3,000 words, from which you can then progress to longer packages, allowing you to start building a relationship with your mentor focused on your writing. You can also use the initial submission process if you would like editorial feedback on a one-off basis for short pieces you’re considering submitting for competitions, portfolios or publication. 

The Mentoring Programme is flexible, allowing you to decide your own goals, ways of working and preferences for feedback and focus. Through close attention to you, your writing and your process, your mentor is here to help you become a better writer.