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Centre for Lifelong Learning Creative writing mentoring

Have you been writing for a while and are ready to take the next step? Is your work getting better and your editing eye improving? Our mentoring programme will help push on your development as a writer.

Mentoring is a great tool for people taking the step from something they do purely as a hobby to something they see themselves spending more time on and becoming more serious about.

We have drawn on our 30 year experience in offering creative writing classes to adults to bring you our most innovative programme yet. It's specifically designed to fit with your writing needs. The tailor-made approach will help nurture you as an individual and as a writer, with the support of an expert in the field.

Why mentoring?

A writing mentor is there to give feedback on your writing and to help you make good decisions about how to continue to improve your writing. You might use your mentor purely to hone your writing and editing skills, or you might also ask for advice on aspects of submitting your work, or about your writing process.

The programme is for writers who are working on longer pieces of work, or collections of shorter works, however the system is also designed to be used for one-off feedback on shorter pieces as well. For instance, you can use the one-off submission process if you have a piece you’re considering submitting for a competition and would like some feedback on it.

For a longer term relationship with a mentor or for longer pieces of work, choose one of our packages and get started building a relationship with a mentor focused on your writing.

The Mentoring Programme is meant to be flexible and once you’re accepted on the programme you work closely with your mentor to decide your own goals, ways of working and preferences for feedback and focus.

Through close attention to you, your writing and your process, your mentor is here to help you become a better writer.