Centre for Lifelong LearningInferno: novel writing

Inferno is for individuals who are writing independently and want integrated feedback from the tutor and other writers. (We recommend that you have already taken the Feeding the Flame course or similar).

This is an intensive online course in which you engage in critical feedback with your tutor and other students, there is a higher word count for submissions and a slightly decreased focus on daily interactive discussions, which leaves you more time for your writing!

During this 10-week course there will be at least three 3000-word assignments, all part of the larger piece you’re working on. You'll be put into groups of three to five people and will read and give feedback on your groups’ writing. There's also an open forum where issues of writing, creativity and editing can be informally discussed.

You'll also have access to a large resource of information on the craft of writing through the dedicated course website. This class is the online version of the Open Studies class, OS283, ‘Introduction to Novel Writing’.

Find out more about the course by taking a look at the Inferno Factsheet document.