How to payAccommodation fees

The way you pay your accommodation fees is changing.  If you are staying in University accommodation next academic year (2022/23), check back later for updated information.

Please note that the information below refers only to accommodation fees.

After you have a received an offer of accommodation, a rent pre-payment of £400 is required. Please refer to the letter you will have received with your Occupancy Agreement. The pre-payment will be applied as a credit before calculating monthly and termly instalments.

Please refer to the Occupancy Agreement for due payment dates.

Online credit/debit card payments

This method can be used to make full, termly or multiple payment to comply with the due dates outlined in the Occupancy Agreement. This can done by logging into your Pegasus account and selecting the 'additional services' tab then 'web payments'.

Payments for accommodation fees can also be made online. This is the most convenient method of payment.

For large amounts, particularly those drawn on foreign cards, please obtain prior approval from your bank or credit card company to avoid delays in your transaction being processed.

Monthly Recurring Card Payment (RCP)

Payment of accommodation fees can be made in instalments using a credit/debit card. This is known as a Recurring Card Payment - commonly referred to as an RCP Plan.

This is the only method by which you can pay your accommodation monthly.

Payment will be taken on the 10th of each month in eight monthly instalments - Oct 2021 to May 2022.

How to set up an RCP plan

Visit our payment portal and login. Once logged in you'll be asked to enter the total value of your rent contract (all terms) less any prepayment you have made. Please check your individual accommodation contract for the total amount of rent due.

Once you have setup your RCP plan you will receive a confirmation email. This will detail the exact amount and dates when payment will be taken from your card. If a payment instalment fails we'll email you to say that we'll try to take the instalment within the next 5 days. If the second attempt fails the payment instalment must be made immediately using another payment method.

For high value transactions it's strongly recommended you contact your bank or credit card issuer to notify them you're intending to process a transaction for the payment of fees. If, for any reason your transaction is declined then you should contact your card issuer in the first instance.

The deadline date for setting up an RCP plan is 6 October 2021

If you wish to set up an RCP Plan after this date please contact us:

Tel: 0141 548 4500

Please do not send any credit/debit card data by email

Amendment Cancellation

It's imperative you contact Finance immediately of a change in your Occupancy Agreement which requires your RCP plan to be amended or cancelled completely. Please note if you cancel your RCP any outstanding balance which is due at this time must be paid in full.

If your fees alter or your card details change during the year then you must contact Finance at who'll amend your RCP Plan. If you make a manual payment in advance of the due date then it's advisable to contact Finance to prevent a duplicate payment being collected.

Changing you card details

You'll need to change your card details if:

  • Your card is lost or stolen
  • Your card expires
  • Your card provider changes supplier (eg. from Visa to Mastercard)
  • You change your bank account

If you wish to amend your card details then you can do this on our online payment page be selecting the option ‘Amending card details on active RCP plan’

Bank or Card Provider Charges

The University will not be liable for any charges incurred as a result of any overdraft or credit card charges applied to the payer’s account.  

Problems Paying your Rent?

If you're having problems paying for your rent then you should contact Finance who will be able to offer help and advice –

Other payment methods

If you don't find the above methods suitable, please note that we offer alternative payment methods.